Running Physio

People are drawn to different things.   Some people have a passion for running.  If you call yourself a runner, then chances are you don’t like it, you LOVE it.  You eat it and breath it.  A runner will plan their race schedule for next year.  A runner will choose his or her profession around running.  Your holiday will be influenced by your running.  You’ll run on Christmas day, your birthday and your wedding day.  And you don’t really think anything of it.  You’re planning your next race, training session, your food, your next pair of shoes and how you structure your running around work .  Some people are running from something, and others are running towards something.  What is YOUR goal? I started running in high school, and it quickly became my passion. Running made me feel energetic, free and unencumbered. I won medals at National Junior Championships in Cross Country.  I have won road races, and beaten future and past Olympians.  I have run under 30 minutes for 10km.  I understand distance running. 

I partly chose to be a physio because I wanted to learn more about the body, and movement.  I had a lot of running friends, and wanted to help them.  I landed a job in Canberra so that I could immerse myself in the strong running culture there.  I’ve been trusted by runners to help with their injuries since 1998. In my career, the runners that I’ve treated have gone on to win 10 Olympic gold medals – from the 100m to the Marathon.  

Sometimes, when you’ve got a bit of a pain or a niggle you’re better to stop.  At other times, you’re better to keep running.  How do you know when to stop, or when to push through?  If you push through, how far should you pushSome runners don’t have “injuries”, they have “niggles”, or “tightness”.  Who knows what means what?

I can speak “runner”.  I’ve been there.  I’ve been a beginner, and gradually gotten stronger and faster.  I’ve worked on my technique.  I’ve been injured and recovered.  I’ve run on the track road and cross country.  I’ve run a marathon (Better to say that I’ve got through a marathon!).  

I understand that, as a runner, you want to keep running if you can.  As Perth’s most experienced running physio, I can help runners at all levels of experience and expertise meet their running goals.