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My career as a Physiotherapist started as a student at Curtin University.  Since graduating I have had one of the most varied careers of any physiotherapist in Australia.  As a keen long distance runner, after finishing university I moved to Canberra to further my running.  I spent the next few years working as a Physiotherapist in a private clinic and training with AIS athletes, some of whom eventually managed to run on the big stage at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.  Ultimately, I started to help the athletes in Canberra with their ailments. I  soon  found myself working all around the world, travelling extensively to training camps and races with athletes  (one year I was at home in my own bed in Australia for a total of only 35 nights!).  I was responsible for treating Olympic champions and World Record holders in events from the 100m to the marathon, and also representing Australia as the Team Physiotherapist at IAAF World Championship events.  


Eventually, I moved back to Perth and continued my work as a physiotherapist.  Now, I treat people with the whole scope of musculoskeletal injuries, as well as continuing my interest in treating running athletes.  In addition to my clinical work, my experience and advice has been sought by several professional bodies and also the University of Notre Dame, with whom I continue to work with as an educator of Physiotherapy students.

Cam Johnson Carine Physio

Cam Johnson Carine Physio


In 2015, my family moved into a new house in Carine, and after a short period of time, we realized that the downstairs area would be perfect to set up a small “Boutique” physiotherapy clinic.  As a result, I can continue to provide the highest level of Physiotherapy service while also being able to see my family (and my friends families) grow and develop. I will also enjoy the opportunity to spend more time with my passions of cooking and golf, and also ensure that my AFL Dreamteam is up to date.   


Cam Johnson

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